Adam Rodman

Founder and Portfolio Manager, Segra Capital

Adam Rodman founded Segra Capital in 2013 believing that the institutionalization of the hedge fund industry was leading most firms to focus on too narrow of an opportunity set. Outsized (and uncorrelated) returns are found where others aren’t looking. The market crowding caused by benchmarking, volatility and liquidity constraints and shortened investment timelines, creates enormous opportunity for capital that is not bound by those parameters. Segra Capital aims to be that source of capital in unique investments globally.

Before founding Segra Capital, Rodman was a partner and senior analyst at Corriente Advisors, a TX, U.S.A. based manager of hedge funds founded by Mark L. Hart III. At Corriente, Rodman specialized in emerging market and commodity-related cross-asset investments. Rodman started his career at Bank of America in the Global Corporate and Investment Banking Division after graduating from Amherst College with a B.A. in Political Science, cum laude.

Keynote Presentation: Stock Selection at the Bottom of the Uranium Commodity & Capital Cycle

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