John Borshoff

Managing Director/CEO, Deep Yellow Limited

John Borshoff was appointed to the role of Managing Director/CEO of Deep Yellow Limited in October 2016, with the objective of developing the Company into a Tier 1, multi-mine, global uranium producer.  Mr Borshoff is an experienced mining executive and geologist with more than 40 years uranium industry experience.  Following extensive global experience working 17 years with Uranerz, a German International uranium explorer/miner, in 1993 he founded Paladin Energy Limited.  He took this company from a junior explorer to a multi-mine uranium company worth more than US$5 billion at its peak in the pre-Fukushima era using contrarian investment principals.


Keynote Presentation: History Indicates becoming a Uranium Producer is both Difficult and Rare

Our short 70-year nuclear history shows some sobering tendencies that need to be recognised and learned from. Uranium supply has a tortured past affected by a highly episodic past reflecting conflict, energy crisis, innovation, accidents, natural disasters, global warming and emergence of renewables. Chernobyl and Fukushima specifically have contributed dramatically to the boom-and-bust cycles affecting supply imbalance and capability at the junior end. A study of the uneven uranium supply history can give us insight into how we may best deal with future new supply by better appreciating the limitations that exist in our sector due to past influences. Our sector is showing early signs of recovery with the strong possibility of another boom occurring in the mid-term. A history of poor performance in the junior sector could repeat itself with even further erosion of expertise in the post Fukushima era. The major producers will continue being the mainstay of supply and will contribute a large part of growing supply needs. A significant portion of new uranium supply will however need to come from juniors. The problem with this is there will be few companies able to achieve and manage large scale production operations from the cradle to the drum. It is for this reason I see supply shortage further exacerbated by shortcomings in our sector that are of no fault of our own but more a reflection of history and this is a serious problem to overcome.

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