Martin Fairclough

Uranium Specialist, Uranium Resources and Production, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Martin is an exploration and economic geologist with more that 25 years of global polymetallic geoscience experience across private sector, government and international organisations, including senior management positions.

Keynote Presentation: Insights into uranium potential: the past and present providing insights to the future.

The International Atomic Energy Agency supports its Member States in the uranium (and thorium) production cycle via capacity building and via development and dissemination of reference material, concepts and data necessary to assess current and future raw material resources. A range of recent IAEA outputs had provided a platform for assessment of energy mineral resources utilising rigorous statistical techniques. One of these techniques, the so-called Three Part Method, forms the basis for ongoing assessment work for the next generation of ‘time frames’ suitable for necessary long term security of supply.  Assessment approaches for raw material can include holistic concepts of modelling infrastructure and considering uranium-resources-in-waste related to uranium deposits.

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