Treva E. Klingbiel

President, Tradetech

Treva E. Klingbiel is President and principal of TradeTech. She has been involved with the commercial aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle for nearly three decades. Her principal areas of work have been uranium supply and demand and uranium market pricing. Klingbiel has in-depth knowledge and experience with strategic inventory study and nuclear fuel procurement practices. As President of TradeTech, she is responsible for overseeing TradeTech’s market research and information services, including a wide scope of competitive and strategic market analyses, market growth expectations, and price trends prepared for individual clients. Before forming TradeTech in 1995, Klingbiel was associated with CONCORD/NUEXCO where she was President of NUEXCO Information Services and Concord Information Services. Prior to joining NUEXCO, she worked for Public Service Company of Colorado as a Nuclear Fuel Engineer where her major responsibility was nuclear fuel procurement. In addition, she previously held positions with Texas Utilities Generating Co. and Middle South Utilities where her primary responsibilities included procurement of nuclear fuel, development and implementation of nuclear fuel procurement strategies, and performance of cost analyses.

Keynote Presentation: Uranium Market Update 2020

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